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New Officers and Board Member:

President: Dianne Hagmaier
Vice president: Bob Erler
Secretary: Janet Fortner
Treasurer: Dan Hagmaier
Board 3-year position: Leif Garrison
Chairman of the Board: Rich Crawford (1 yr remaining)
Board Member: Mike Callies (2 years remaining)

At the Annual Meeting the slate of officers and board member stood unopposed and was voted in by acclamation. The regularly scheduled general and board meeting held on January 25 was a marathon meeting as many new ideas for the club were voiced. As these ideas become more organized, there will be
articles in upcoming newsletters.

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Valentine Dessert Social

February 13th at 7 PM

The Club will be having a fun social night enjoying the desserts that our great cooks provide.

Bring either chocolate or cherry or a combination to share and a card with the name of the dish so that those who enjoy can ask about the recipe.